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my LED candle….mwuahaha

My table saw can beat up your drill press:

This video recently had a bunch of hits. Hit it too, if you’d like.

Sometimes I actually make nice things for inside the house:

If you made it this far, you’re probably bored enough to watch a “Shop Economics” video where I throw a $100 bill around like it’s a piece of paper.

After lamenting to my wife about having to give her KitchenAid mixer back, she found a $15 KitchenAid at a garage sale (missing bowl, tilt doesn’t lock) and now the KitchenAid Sander has become one of my most used shop tools due to its uniquely slow speed and high torque.

Left: hers. Right: mine.

Oh, then there was that LED candle…

I suggest you drill holes in your desk. See

More, more!