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Wicked Fast Router Bit Organizer Trays

I found a serious void in the internet.  When I first prototyped this router bit organizer tray (a year before posting the video), I assumed the dado technique had been done before.  There’s no way this dado-based router bit organizer can be a new idea…not in 70+ years of router bit history. 

Well, my wife convinced me to make this router bit organizer video (instead of one about drawers) based on how giddy I was when I ran inside after discovering this technique.  After a bit lot of Googling, I realized this router bit storage idea may very well be original…at least, original to the internet.  

I’m convinced it’s not completely original, though.  Surely there are plenty of real-life woodworkers around the world who have discovered this technique on their own, made some router bit organizer trays, and then went right back to woodworking.  

Fortunately I’m not a real woodworker.  Fortunately, I listened to my wife.


Ron Paulk made a video about my video

Ron Paulk – as in, the Paulk Workbench Ron Paulk, and The Smart Woodshop Ron Paulk – one of my favorite workshop usability thinkers, published the above video speaking highly about my video.

Check out his Mobile Woodshop Tour.  Notice how he goes beyond organization. Paulk designs usable workspaces based on how he uses his tools and spaces – defying organization when necessary.

DIY3DTECH took it another step

DIY3DTECH – a 3D printing channel focused on design thinking – saw more potential in the concept, designed some of these in OpenCAD, 3D printed them, and found more ways to use this concept.  I really like where he went with it.  

Check out the other videos in his channel, too.  

That time I almost wet myself as a full-grown man:

I’m a huge fan of Martin (Wintergatan), his Marble Machine, his skills as a composer, and his ability to execute unthinkable projects.  

If you haven’t seen his Marble Machine video that made him famous, hold everything and watch it now. 


On the CopTool Show

I’m pretty thrilled that our minivan was in the same news show as a robot building inspector.  

Here's the show:

Overkill LED Candle (ft. Smoke'n Flikka)

I must admit from the start:  this candle would have been a dud without the help of a friend named Matt.  Smoke was not part of the initial design, but after a conversation with Matt, I realized smoke is within reach.  He taught me several things about generating smoke with low voltage electricity, which was the primary feature that set this candle apart from other LED candles.

HackSpace Magazine

I wrote a 6-page article on my LED Candle project for HackSpace Magazine of the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK, which they published November of 2019.  Being a huge Raspberry Pi fan, I’m quite thrilled!  

Check it out here for free (click “Download free PDF” button below the magazine cover.)  See pages 52-57.


This was a first:

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