How I Hooked Up a Laser to my CR-10S 3D Printer

After some struggles and help from someone on Reddit by the name of Lost_Scavenger, I finally have my Creality CR10S laser engraving and light-duty laser cutting. And it rocks. Warning! You don’t want to...

RESTAURANT-STYLE Paper Holder using MAGNETS, Ball Bearings, Hemp Rope & Black Walnut

What Is It? A paper / photo / postcard / mail / notecard / art holder that can: Be used with 1 hand (allowing higher placement on the wall)Accommodate a considerable variety of paper thicknesses (and stacks of...

Fridge Magnet for a Cutting Board

Here’s how this is gonna go down This is a very simple project. Breakdown: Put a carriage bolt through a magnetGlue on some rubber(optional) Sand blast to remove shine. Assumptions – Your...

We’re Suckers for Colors & Shapes (Video)

Colors hijack our minds. Let’s tap into that to make our shops think for us….without us even realizing it.

A properly yellow measuring tape:

Dust Collection Smoke Testing using Jet Fuel & Glycerin

A few years ago, I lit a stick on fire, blew it out, and used the smoke to test my dust collection lines.

It was wildly insightful.

Well, one thing led to another, and here’s v2.0 of the smoking stick: