Kids Table and Chairs

Table + Chairs for our kids.

This is the first piece of furniture I built with real wood using actual woodworking techniques such as panel glue-ups, attention to wood movement, and lots of mortises and tenons.  You will not find any metal in the joinery of the table or chairs.

Lumber used:

  • Table top & legs: Hickory/Pecan
  • Table apron: Oak
  • Chairs: Oak

The Hickory was from my father-in-law’s shop, leftover from cabinets he built.  The oak was from an Amish lumber mill.  I had been air drying the oak for several months before using it for this project.  The moisture content read close enough, so I gave it a go.

For the finish, I used a base coat of orange Homestead Dry Dye (TransFast) to give it an underglow of sorts.  Then, layers of dewaxed shellac, gel stains, and General Finishes Arm-R-Seal.   For the chair frames, I used aerosol spray Lacquer.

Kids Table-06 (Medium)
Kids Table-13 (Medium)
Kids Table-11 (Medium)
Kids Table-12 (Medium)
Kids Table-29 (Medium)
Kids Table-09 (Medium)
Kids Table-14 (Medium)
Kids Table-32 (Medium)
Kids Table-33 (Medium)
Kids Table-08 (Medium)
Kids Table-23 (Medium)
Kids Table-22 (Medium)
Kids Table-19 (Medium)
Kids Table-20 (Medium)

I hope the kids’ bottoms are happy. That was a lot of work.

Kids Table-39 (Medium)
Kids Table-36 (Medium)
Kids Table-27 (Medium)
Kids Table-10 (Medium)
Kids Table-01 (Medium)
Kids Table-04 (Medium)
Kids Table-02 (Medium)
Kids Table-03 (Medium)
Kids Table-05 (Medium)